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2014 Summit

You won’t want to miss the 2014 Summit! Each year the New North Summit offers updates on current economic activity on key initiatives around the region, and this year we’re looking at economic diversity. Northeast Wisconsin’s economic diversity has set our region apart and has allowed us to thrive and survive as well or better than many regions in the nation. Each attendee has the opportunity to learn and network with the region’s top leaders and hear from businesses who’ve diversified themselves and reaped the benefits of new markets and more demand for their products or services.

Join your peers on Tuesday December 2nd at Blue Harbor Resort for a day of networking, speakers and updates on your region!

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Annually, New North, Inc. hosts a regional summit event to bring together the business, education and community leaders from around the region and state to connect with network contacts, share economic development updates and more.

Each year, the New North Summit 2014 draws over 700 attendees. See who is expected to attend this year. Register, see the latest agenda and learn more on this year’s event sponsors. Contact us for more information at NewNorth@thenewnorth.com. Learn more on New North, Inc. at our full web site at www.thenewnorth.com.