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2019 New North Summit ED Talks

Kim Underhill, Group President – Kimberly-Clark


As group president of Kimberly-Clark North America, Kim Underhill is responsible for the company’s
nearly $8 billion North American Personal Care and Consumer Tissue businesses, and some of the
world’s most recognized and trusted consumer brands, including Huggies®, Pull-Ups®, Kotex®,
Depend®, Kleenex®, Cottonelle® and Scott®.


Please take a look at Kim Underhill’s ED Talk titled,Building a Community of Inclusion & Diversity” . In this ED Talk, Underhill will talk about how diversity & inclusion has been a key benefit to Kimberly-Clark North America.



David Beurle, CEO – Future iQ


David Beurle is a world-renowned strategist, researcher and practitioner. He is founder
and CEO of Future iQ, a global foresight consulting and research firm. Beurle pioneers and
applies innovative tools and approaches that assist countries, cities, organizations, regions,
tourism destinations and industries to shape their economic and community development
futures. He has over two decades of experience working in the U.S. and with a global
clientele spanning three continents.


Please take a look at David Beurle’s ED Talk titled, “Navigating the Speed of Change – with a Future Lens”. In this ED Talk, Beurle will focus on how the speed of change in the business landscape is accelerating. This demands business strategy that finds a balance between being deeply-rooted in core strategic goals, yet is able to be agile and respond quickly to new opportunities and threats. Beurle will explore how regional economies are building their capacity to be forward looking, and know what are the critical game-changing trends they must be watching.