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NEW Talent - New North Summit

The New North offers up many reasons for your future talent to consider moving to Northeast Wisconsin. That is why we bring you the following well-developed recruitment materials. Together with your current talent pipeline, these polished tools will accelerate the excitement surrounding the region for potential candidates and drive talent to your doorstep. All the tools below were created for companies in the New North to use in their existing recruitment efforts, at no charge. Check out these adaptable tools below:

More YOU in NEW

New North released its latest talent recruitment piece, “More YOU in NEW”, in December of 2019. More YOU in NEW highlights 8 attributes that top talent considers when making a career move. This publication perfectly captures the quality of life the New North region provides for those who call the New North home.


Download your PDF version of More YOU in NEW, by clicking HERE!

To order your own copy at cost, please contact Renee Torzala at [email protected].

“North of What You Expect” Recruitment Video to Attract New Talent

Showcased in this captivating video are many aspects of the community that make the New North a place for skilled workers to strive for. Whether your future employees enjoy being outdoors or indoors, downtown or rural, in nature or programming computers, or maybe all of these things – Northeast Wisconsin provides. Leverage our video by embedding it on your Human Resources webpage and distributing it within your talent pipeline:

Use this video! To embed the video in your HR page, copy and paste the following: <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

‘In the New North’ Video Series

The new, one-minute videos are intended to be shared on social-media channels and follow up on the full-length, talent-recruitment video which premiered in December 2016 at the New North Summit. Share the videos below on your company’s LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter accounts.

1. Live in the New North

2. Achieve in the New North

Stay tuned for #3!

Capture Talented Recruits with our “Life in the New North” Interface


If your organization is recruiting from outside the New North – shine some light on the region by implementing our “Life in the New North” tool! This interface was designed by and for Human Resource professionals in Northeast Wisconsin to entice potential new candidates to the region’s offerings. Employ this tool in your search for talent by linking it on your Human Resources webpage and otherwise sharing it throughout your talent pipeline.

Find your reason to call New North home.