Sustainability - New North Summit

We do more than talk about sustainability. We do it.

Sustainability is an important initiative to the New North. The 2015 event will be the third year that the New North Summit has followed the international best practice framework in sustainable event management, ISO 20121, as our standard. This framework helps guide the application of stewardship, inclusivity, integrity and transparency to the event.


Some of the notable event highlights include:

  • People: Education is an important legacy of our event. Our event includes sustainability-related educational opportunities for all guests, including college students and the event’s supply chain partners.
  • Planet: All significant environmental aspects of the event have been evaluated and negative impacts have minimization plans in place.
  • Profit: The New North‘s mission centers around sustaining and growing our regional economy. The entire event programming revolves around helping our stakeholders to network, increase visibility, and be exposed to new ideas that will in turn strengthen our regional economy. Sustainability is positioned as an economic driver.


What can you do?

  • Ensure your trash goes in the proper bin. Composting and recycling bins are available to minimize the amount of event waste getting landfilled. Local college students will be available at the waste receptacles to help ensure proper disposal.
  • Support the local businesses and organizations that have sponsored and provided goods and services to the event.
  • Hire local talent. This includes internships and student graduates from our local colleges!
  • Carpool or use public transportation to the event.
  • Continue to think regional after the event when engaging in business or personal activities.
  • Evaluate your business and personal practices periodically to ensure the application of up to date, economical, and sustainable best practices.


We encourage you to GO GREEN for this years Summit

  • Click here to see a list of attendees, their city and company.
  • Connect with them via LinkedIn or other means to arrange carpool.
  • All attendees who carpool will receive a Go Green ribbon at registration and be entered for a door prize.
  • Each person who carpooled last year saved on average $20.21.