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Attracting, retaining and developing diverse talent in Northeast Wisconsin has been a key initiative of the organization since the inception of New North, Inc. Twenty post-secondary colleges and universities are located within the region, each with resources devoted to training and development for the private sector.  In addition to training talent, New North works to attract new talent to the region using key messaging and comparisons to educate on the advantages of living in Northeast Wisconsin.

Learn more on available talent, talent alliances, and workforce development efforts in Northeast Wisconsin at the links below:

Live. Work. Play.


Northeast Wisconsin offers an unprecedented quality of life that is accommodating to all ages and interest levels. Enjoy peaceful, friendly neighborhoods surrounded downtown energy in eclectic restaurants, specialty shops, trendy boutiques and nightlife. Relaxing countryside and lively city life are just a short drive apart, so you never have to travel far to suit whatever mood you’re in.

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Business leaders, partners and economic development leaders of Northeast Wisconsin feel it is important to create a covenant with each other that expresses our commitment to, and support of, diversity planning. It is our hope that this work will inspire our communities to join our region in the quest to become a place that is “welcoming, inclusive and constantly striving to be our best.”

Available Jobs.


People in the New North region have a wide variety of leading, top-rated employers to consider when choosing their career. From Fortune 500 companies to high-tech independent firms, all career fields and interests are available in Northeast Wisconsin. Access job boards and learn of our region’s employers by viewing New North Investor firms human resource websites and available positions.

Talent Development.


In the New North region, we understand the priority of training today’s workers and preparing tomorrow’s workforce to ensure workforce availability for businesses and organizations in Northeast Wisconsin. Focused training collaborations in the region align to the leading industry clusters of Northeast Wisconsin, concentrating on common career needs in the region, including welding, CNC manufacturing, finance, insurance, engineering, and information technology.